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" We Roll When You Can't "

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Avoid Tows, Maintain Your Transmission

By priorityone40196442, Oct 6 2016 04:51PM

Friday, August 26, 2016

10:05 AM

Lack of transmission maintenance can lead to a Roadside Emergency. Resulting in Tow Years ago transmission shops worked on a handful of different transmissions with common symptoms. Today there are dozens of different transmissions in use with new ones coming out every year. All of today's transmissions are computer controlled, Potentially meaning the cause of the failure could be something other than the transmission, even though the transmission has failed. This is why a proper maintenance is so important. If you do have a transmission problem properly diagnosing the transmission's condition and getting a accurate estimate for repairs avoids time and money wasted on guess work and necessary repairs. Your mechanic will need to perform tests with the latest technology and state of the art equipment , this is not a job for a shade tree mechanic or a friend of a friend that says he works on cars. They must first identify and confirm your complaint, the transmission type and version must be determined and then any codes present will be recorded. Then use these findings to determine what pinpoint testing of systems and components will be needed to make a accurate service recommendation. Once your technician makes his service recommendation an accurate explanation of the vehicle's condition can be given as well as options for repairs and warranties. There are times when the transmission has a mechanical failure internally and may have to be inspected to give proper estimates. There is no way to properly diagnosis this type of problem over the phone so beware of any shop that tells you a transmission is needed and gives a price over the phone without seeing your car first.

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